• The Alfred Collection
    for Valerie_Objects.
    Frenzy handwoven rugs
    in 100% wool.
  • Bed collection

    The linen used in our collection is of 100% European origin. On request, Alfred offers made to measure bed linen (whenever possible). All our linen can be washed at 60° and can be tumble dried.

    100% Linen
    100% Percal coton (Eva/Romy)

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

  • ROMY
    100% Percal coton

  • NOVA
    100% Merino wool

    Nova is a soft and comfortable blanket, woven by traditional weavers in the South of France.
    The weavers keep their own sheep in the Camargue to produce the beautiful Merino wool.
    Merino is particularly known for its fine quality and its extremely soft touch.
    Nova can be used both as a summer blanket combined with a linen sheet, or as an extra layer to provide warmth during winter.
    The blanket measures 260 x 240 cm and easily covers a double bed.

    100% Linen

  • May
    100% Linen

  • Alix
    100% Linen

  • Table collection

    The linen used in our collection is of 100% European origin. Alfred provides the service to produce costumised sizes (if possible). Our linen can be washed at 60° and can be tumble dried.

    100% Linen
    52% Linen / 48% Coton (Marnie)

  • JUDY
    100% Linen

  • LINA
    100% Linen

  • ALMA
    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

  • JILL
    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

    100% Linen

  • Rugs collection

    The strength of the rugs is a beautiful interplay between fabric and design. Alfred chose a 100% natural fiber, blending New Zealand wool, which is known for its softness, and Portuguese wool, which adds strength.
    This wool mix ensures that the rugs have a nice texture and are pleasant to touch. The strong contrasts of the rugs give the series a timeless and contemporary character, a feature that is in line with the rest of the Alfred home collection.
    The craft and tradition of hand weaving enhances the special character of the rugs. Each rug is woven and finished with great care. This technique allows designing for a specific space, to meet a customer's special wish or in function of a project.

    100% Wool (wool mix New Zealand and Portuguese)
    Dimensions: width max 5 meters, unlimited length.
    standard: 170 cm / 240 cm

    100% Wool

    100% Wool

  • Homewear collection

    The kimono is slightly wrinkled, which is a characteristic of the fabric. The special finish makes the fabric very soft and gives a very comfortable feeling while wearing.
    Ironing is unnecessary after washing. This kimono is available in off-white and deep blue (the same color as the Vivien bed linen). Our homewear perfectly complements our bed linen, both in fabric as in style.

    100% Washed linen

    100% Washed linen

    100% Baby lama

  • Curtains collection

    The curtains are made out of 40% wool and 60% linen. This mixture offers a beautiful result. Wool is a fabric that wrinkles very little, which is a great feature. We weave the fabric of our curtains in Belgium using very durable wool and Belgian linen of magnificent quality. We offer our knowledge and expertise in curtains and rugs to architects, interior designers, shopkeepers or any other interested person and we can join them on location to determine the best fit.
    All our curtains can be made to measure. Our services include manufacturing and fitting. We can also design specifically to meet the needs of a building or room. For many years, we have been working with the same sewing professionals, whose skills and feel for finish are unrivalled.
    Of course, all our fabrics can be purchased by the meter with a standard width of 150cm. For larger surfaces, we can provide the fabric at 300cm width. All fabrics can be made fireproof, on request.

    60% Linen / 40% Wool

    60% Linen / 40% Wool

    60% Linen / 40% Wool

    60% Linen / 40% Wool

    60% Linen / 40% Wool

    • Marie José Vanhee architecten

      House Zuidzande
      Design: MjVanhee architecten
      Curtain: Jules Mouse, linen/wool
      Confection: Hilde Druant
      Photography: David Grandorge

    • Ilse Popelier

      House C
      Design: Ilse Popelier
      Curtain: Jules Stone, linen/wool
      Confection: Hilde Druant
      Photography: Michiel Hendrickx

    • Arte

      This Arte collection designed by Marie Mees and Cathérine Biasino goes beyond the flat wall-covering and brings the wall enchantingly to life. The technique of printing and the application of relief is used to give light the opportunity to transform the wall, or, as the renowned French architect Le Corbusier so poetically put it, 'le jeu savant des formes sous la lumière' (the clever game of forms in light). The surface of the wall is such that it changes according to the intensity of light and the angle from which it is viewed. It is the right variegation of matt and shiny printing or small and subtle changes in relief that make this extra experience possible.

      Marc Dubois

    • 360° Architecten

      Care home Lommel
      Design: 360° architecten
      Curtain: Jules Grey, linen/wool flame retarded coating
      Photography: Bas Smets
      Photography: Stany Dederen

    • Damast

      For the City of Kortrijk, Designregio Kortrijk vzw commissioned us to design a new tablecloth, meant to be used as the official gift of the city.
      The result is a damast tablecloth in 100% linen.

    • House Coupure

      Design: Ilse Popelier
      Curtain: Jules Sienna, linen/wool
      Carpet: Gladys
      Photography: Steven Neyrinck

    • Sergio Herman (B)

      For 2 star restaurant The Jane in Antwerp we designed a damast tabelcloth in 100% linen.

    • Valerie_Objects (B)

      We developed for the Antwerp based design label Valerie_Objects four series of handwoven carpets in 100% wool. Fran, Frenzy, Lucy and Ivy. The four series come in three sizes and excel in durability and sobriety. This is not ‘fast design’ that expires after a year but a reverence of the archetype of a carpet, pure in form and function. All carpets are crafted with in a mixture of two top-shelf wools from New Zealand and Portugal. “The New Zealand wool offers the right softness while the Portuguese adds strength.

    • MANIERA (B)

      This Brussels based gallery commissions architects and artists to develop limited edition series.
      Maniera 16 Marie-José Van Hee in association with Marie Mees Cathérine Biasino.
      We developed a limited collection of knitted pillows in 100% slightly felted wool.
      The cushions are manufactured in Belgium.

    • Van Caster(B)

      Hand-knotted rugs developed for the exhibition Belgium is Design in Palazzo Lita Milan (I) 2016
      Rugs Indigofera, hand-knotted 100% wool, vegetal dyed

    • Maarten Van Severen (B)

      For the exhibition Maarten Van Severen & Co at the Design Museum Gent (B) 2015
      Carpet Dany 100% not dyed naturel wool.
      In permanent collection of the museum.


      Interested in our objects for a project?
      You can contact us by mail or phone:


      Marie Mees
      M 0032 477 294 556

      Cathérine Biasino
      M 0032 475 475 883

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    • About
      By putting a range of household linen on the market under the Alfred label, Marie Mees and Cathérine Biasino are deliberately expressing a timeless ambition and a passion for textiles. It's a question of control, from the originality of the design to the extremely high quality of the end product. Every link in the chain is of crucial importance and is followed up with the same energy and care, resulting in a refined and durable product.
      After years of working with leading brands in the textile and carpet sector, the decision to put together and market their own collection was almost self-evident. By creating high-quality products, they wish to respond to a gap in the market, with creations in which as much care is put into the design as the technical execution. Creation and execution are inextricably linked, and it is precisely by putting every stage of the process on an equal footing that it is possible to end up with a unique product.
      Examining the collection closely, one finds oneself in the intense world of detail. But detail is all too often seen as an add-on, whereas in fact it is precisely in the detail that we find the essence of what did not strike us at first glance. In a world of superficial images, many people find it hard to grasp the care and attention paid to refinement. It is not so natural to attend so meticulously to the less conspicuous qualities of a product.
      It is precisely in this introduction of subtle elements which are not initially obvious that we find the key to understanding and appreciating the textile designs by Marie Mees and Cathérine Biasino.
      The essence of the collection is quality and durability. The thinking consumer will be increasingly aware that a limited number of items, whether it be textiles or other products, is preferable to a reduction in quality. Knowing that behind a product there are people with specialist skills who have worked on it with heart and soul gives this household linen an added human value.
      This is a collection that seeks the beauty of the essential, an almost invisible perfection combining order, proportion and pattern. These two ladies have, with the greatest refinement, created the Alfred collection as an experience that far transcends the visual. Their aim is to appeal to both the sensitive consumer and the project market.

      Marc Dubois
      March 2009

    • Photography by Ronald Stoops: Alma, Doris, Grace, Veronica,
      Marnie, Vivien, Judith, Emma, Frances, Eva, Romy, Maison 01, Damast

      Photography by Filip Dujardin: Lina